Meal Kits

This is not your typical emergency food. Nutrient Meal Kits are the best survival food rations for your prepper food list. The non-perishable emergency food supply meals are meant to fulfill your nutrition needs when you may not have access to a diet that provides the nutrients your body needs. These are not calorie heavy. These are nutrient heavy. 

Every kit comes with a 30-serving bag of Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal. We add a bulk resealable bag of Nutrient Shake for the 60 Meal Kit, and an additional bulk resealable bag of Nutrient Cereal to the 90 Meal Kit.  

All of the protein, vitamins, minerals, omega-3s and fiber you need to survive and thrive.  


  • All products are GMO and Gluten Free.

  • Low sugar, low sodium, nothing artificial 

Every bulk bag is manufactured and tested in the USA. We conduct rigorous tests before shipping any product to ensure it is the highest quality possible. The packaging protects the nutrient profile from heat and moisture contamination. 

  • Dehydrated for a 15 year shelf life. Just add water to stay healthy and strong during crucial times.